Departments & Specialities
The hospital has an all purpose critical care unit. We plan to make it one of the best ICU in the country helping to save number of critically ill patients. The ICU sets standards matching those in leading hospitals in India.
Department of Anesthesiology at Sanjeevani has been an integral part of the Institute from its very origin. It is committed to excellence in anesthesia and perioperative care, educational activities, faculty development and cutting edge research.
The Sanjeevani's Cardiology Department has an unrivalled reputation for innovation and research; and utilizes the most sophisticated techniques and equipments in detecting and treating all forms of heart disease. We have committed ourselves to the service of the community through a unique combination of low costs and high treatment standards.
Sanjeevani's Dermatology Department provides specialized care for adult and pediatric patients with severe skin disease or general skin problems. Our medical practice provides an array of dermatological medical services, treating minor one-time skin care problems and major on going issues requiring regular treatments.
Endocrinology is the science of hormones. It is one of the most rapidly evolving disciplines of medicine and encompasses a wide array of clinical conditions. Our facility provides the latest in diagnosis and treatment of widely prevalent disorders like diabetes, obesity, thyroid, PCOS, etc.
The Gastroenterology department at Sanjeevani offers a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases through the expertise team of specialists and nurses.The division of Gastroentrology surgery provides state of the art care in diseases of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and bowel surgery and has close interaction with the department of medical Gastroentrology.
The General Surgery department of Sanjeevani Hospital is committed to providing the best patient care through the use of the latest techniques and advanced technology. Highly qualified general surgeons and nurses service the General Surgery Department.
Geriatric medicine is a unique approach to primary healthcare focused on the needs of older adults. Our primary focus is to maximize our patient's function. Second, we seek to balance quality of life issues with the risks of any possible tests or treatments. Many tests can be quite uncomfortable and pose their own risks. Third, we try to keep people in their home environments as much as possible.
The Division of Gynaecology offers holistic services for the reproductive health and gynaecological needs of women in a comprehensive and dedicated manner with highest emphasis on patient safety. The entire team of Gynaecology at Sanjeevani works with patients providers to assure high quality treatment, therapy and care.
We aim to provide a coordinated and holistic service that is focused on the complete needs of our patients. We offer diagnostic services, outpatient, day case and inpatient treatments including chemotherapy, blood transfusion and other treatments. We offer patient and carer support, and access to specialist information and advice.
The Department of Hand Surgery provides comprehensive management of all traumas and diseases affecting the hand and the wrist; upper limb diseases that affect hand function and microsurgical reconstruction. It is a recognised tertiary referral centre for complex conditions affecting the hand and upper limb.
At Sanjeevani, we are happy to bring to patients requiring neurological care and treatment a whole range of services to address conditions involving the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, along with a wide range of neurosurgery facilities.
The Department of Obstetrics Sanjeevani is equipped with modern facilities and is manned by some of the best medical professionals in the field. We provide all kinds of open as well as laparoscopy gynaecological surgeries (including total laparoscopic hysterectomy along with hysteroscopy).
Sanjeevani boasts of one of the best ranges in Orthopaedic Surgery. Combining excellence in patient care, research and education with the skills and expertise of some of the finest Orthopaedic consultants and surgeons, Sanjeevani has been consistently helping patients of all ages receive the best in Orthopaedic treatment.
Our paediatrics department is facilitated by the services of well-qualified specialists and the round-the-clock support of paramedical staff. We are equipped to carry out a comprehensive range of procedures among others.
The Department of Paediatric Surgery treats children from day one to eighteen years of age. All the facilities to take care of children needing surgery are available under one roof. A well-experienced team of doctors is available to take round-the-clock care of the children.
Division of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Sanjeevani is a state of the art ultra modern facility that combines plastic surgery with ancillary disciplines in an effort to provide wholesome care to our patients. Our dedicated team of plastic surgeons supported by cutting edge technology.
At Sanjeevani, the Department of Radiology is a highly specialized, full-service department which strives to meet all patient and clinician needs in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies.
The Department of Respiratory Medicine at Sanjeevani is a highly specialized division providing a full range of services to cater to the special needs of those with pulmonary and respiratory ailments. It is fully equipped to deal effectively various disorders.
The Department of Rheumatology at Sanjeevani is a subspeciality of internal medicine with full time physicians. Sanjeevani provides a whole spectrum of inpatient and outpatient care services in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis multi-system connective tissue diseases as well as gout, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and other common musculoskeletal disorders.
The Sanjeevani's Urology Department provides general urology care for the local population and serves as a secondary and tertiary referral center for adult patients with a wide range of complex urology problems. Our staff is committed to preserving patient dignity and providing the highest quality care and comfort.
The Oncology Clinic is an outpatient area that provides comprehensive medical care to people with cancer and blood disorders. We also do a variety of infusions and injections for non cancer related conditions. Our goal is to give patients the confidence they need to manage their disease and treatment options through personal attention and compassionate care, so that they can enjoy quality of life.
The department of Onco- Surgery department is amongst the most active units at the Sanjeevani Hospital. Providing It has on its staff some of the best-known oncologists in the field. This will have services to cater to problems related to Neurological diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord too